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Fitch’s Desk

The desk in my opinions is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home. It’s where you do important thinking, make crucial decisions and stay in Chris Ficht’s case, write tasty musical licks.

Chris asked me to build him a desk, which I was stoked about since I’ve always wanted the opportunity to build one. It was made even better by his trust in me to build a desk however I wanted so long as it fit his size specifications.

Studio style design using cherry. Functional, simple and clean.

                                                                                                                            The goal for the drawers was for them to blend with the rest of the rails. Of course, there’s going to be visible lines where the drawer pulls out, but by matchting the grain and routing a pull into the underside in order to forego drawer pulls, the look is uniform with the rest of the desk.

Fitch was very happy with the outcome, which is always a relief. I hope many years and albums worth of music will develop on this desk.


ZebraNut Nightstand

My girlfriend claims she has “table envy.” There’s an old carpenter’s curse of spending a lifetime building one-of-a-kind furniture but living in a home filled with Ikea-esque crap. I’ve been trying to strike a balance of sneaking a couple personal projects in here and there and this nightstand is one of them. Using a handful of Zebrawood and Walnut scraps from past projects, I combined the two based on their similar colors and tones. While there’s little nuisances (and there always will be) I’m very happy with the finished project and stoked that the lamp sitting on top and the book stashed in the drawer will be mine. At least Staj will get to look at it whenever she wants. 

I lucked out in this amazing piece of walnut with a lighter shade mixed in. It added even more continuity between the two different woods. 

I got a little carried away and ran a box joint on the legs, which then carried over into the rails. I found it a unique opportunity to really pair the woods together.

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Handplane II

The surf can be fickle in the Northwest and also the Northeast, explaining the growing popularity of the handplane, or handboard in these regions. The beauty of planes is the ability to turn lackluster surf into a well spent day in the water. I was introduced to them by a friend of mine and began researching them, studying the likes of Grain, Brownfish and Merchants Row for some inspiration. After sifting through the scrap pile I came out with a decent plane.

I mixed some beeswax into Danish oil to create a more repellent finish, which is what Wegener supposedly uses on his Alaias.

My favorite aspect of the plane is the finger grooves. It is a functional design that’s also aesthetically pleasing and meant to reduce resistance on strapless planes.

Awesome first session at the Cove in Westport. Photo: Gregg Hayward

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