Handplane II

The surf can be fickle in the Northwest and also the Northeast, explaining the growing popularity of the handplane, or handboard in these regions. The beauty of planes is the ability to turn lackluster surf into a well spent day in the water. I was introduced to them by a friend of mine and began researching them, studying the likes of Grain, Brownfish and Merchants Row for some inspiration. After sifting through the scrap pile I came out with a decent plane.

I mixed some beeswax into Danish oil to create a more repellent finish, which is what Wegener supposedly uses on his Alaias.

My favorite aspect of the plane is the finger grooves. It is a functional design that’s also aesthetically pleasing and meant to reduce resistance on strapless planes.

Awesome first session at the Cove in Westport. Photo: Gregg Hayward

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3 thoughts on “Handplane II

  1. Rick,
    What awesome finish work you do. Very inspiring, creative…and beautifully done. Paul

  2. Brian Fannin says:

    Clever design. After learning to bodysurf here on Oahu, I’ve often thought about going back to the cove at westport.

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