Dirtbag Deluxe Camperbed

Outfitting a pickup bed for life on the road has been on my radar for a while, the problem being is I don’t have a pickup. So when my friends Charlie and Sheri’s plans to travel around central and south America fell through, the resorted to a 4-month climbing road trip. I’ve become their go-to carpenter over the past year, so when they decided they needed an outfit for their gorgeous purple Tacoma, Brusier, I seized the opportunity.

¬†Unfortunately, the 3 months they allotted their mechanic to repair a failing engine while they were off in Thailand wasn’t enough time, and when we began the project, the truck was still in the shop. Going off Charlie’s measurements, we began cutting all the pieces, but I’ve been building long enough to know that assembling the entire thing without fitting in in the truck first would be a brutal mistake. And, of course, when the truck finally arrived, there were some mismeasurements, which were quick fixes since. Patience pays off, friends.

The outfit has two drawers… GIANT drawers. I’ve never made one even close to the size of these two. We joked that if Charlie’s in the dog house, he’ll have to sleep in one of the drawers; probably the narrow one, depending.

Sheri was having a tough time comprehending the fact that home for the next four months is a pickup bed. Once she took a look out of her bedroom window though, she felt better.

Charlie busted out an old fashioned bottle opener as a kitchen add on. Unfortunately, the space between the outfit and tailgate was too tight. That was until I countersunk it. Was it worth the extra effort? Absolutely because after long days of climbing, beers must be opened easily by exhausted hands. Plus it added a dimension of character that tied the whole damn thing together.

Climb on, guys.

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One thought on “Dirtbag Deluxe Camperbed

  1. […] and pull out the drawer. Very convenient in inclement weather. I incorporated the same idea in the first DBD-lux, but this time I upgraded the accessibility with a piano hinge, so it’s more of a door than a […]

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