A while back, one of my favorite craft blogs, Wood & Faulk introduced the Kubb set. While the name alone was enough to pique interest, it’s Scandinavian roots also appealed to me. Matt Pierce, mastermind of W&F, put together simple guidelines for building a set and with the encouragement of my Swedish pal, Anna, I got to work.

While Pierce fashioned his set from an fresh piece of walnut, I had a box full of mahogany scraps left over from a bench I had just made. The catch is, none of the pieces fit the required sizes, especially the Four x Four x Twelve King Kubb. So instead of ditching the mahogany, I laminated pieces together. Always trying to breath new life into fall-off.

The great thing about my predicament is the requirement to think creatively. When it came time to join a King piece, I looked no further than the Swedish flag. Rummaging through my scrap crate, I found a perfect piece of maple to contrast the mahogany’s rich blue tone… OK, not so much the truth, but to my knowledge there’s no naturally blue wood, the closest species would be Peltogyne, AKA Purpleheart. Anyway, I think the mahogany works fine.

Now the important stuff. Kubb is a swedish lawn game, developed to defeat pesky Norwegians and prevent them from entering Sweden. Well, that may be a far cry from the truth, but it does pair nicely with fermented liquid and fetching parks. It involves tossing batons at the opposing teams Kubbs in attempt to ultimately topple the King. There’s a great twist to the game that I dare not attempt to explain, and leave you to find out for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Kubbin’

  1. eric says:

    Just wanted to say, that is an awesome set.

    Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth.

  2. Chris E. says:

    That is a beautiful Kubb set. Mine is basically a $30 set with wood bought from Lowe’s and Home Depot. Your set looks like it was crafted by Norse gods.
    I love taking Kubb to music festivals. Easy way to make friends.

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