Coaster Mirror

Coasters are a cool token of memorabilia for those of us too cheap to buy a pint glass from a cool brewery we visited. Unfortunately, coasters have a tendency to sit in a box years after being slipped slyly into ones pocket. What do you do with all those artistic coasters you’ve collected. Well, my parents wedge them between their mirror, which is where I found inspiration for this particular piece. 

Originally, the intention was to permanently fix coasters into the frame, but my personal collection was a bit lacking and I didn’t want to wait. I then realized the ability to easily add and arrange the coasters to ones preference would be much cooler. I got to designing a way to make that happen and after much deliberation, I devised a trapping system in which the edges of the two frames are routed out and lined with foam, allowing coasters to be pinched into the frame.

Why the bow in the frame you ask? Well, I could only make the lips of the frame so deep so I had to develop a way to accomodate all coaster sizes. Thus I created a bow in the outer frame that fits the biggest coasters in the center of and smaller ones nearing the corners. Plus it added an keg-like aesthetic to the frame which I am please about. 

The Coaster Mirror in all its glory. 

Untitled from Rick Olson on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Coaster Mirror

  1. el pablo says:

    I dig the coaster video. Please make it longer so I can listen to more banjo music! Stop motion video construction of a surfboard or sailboat with more banjo music. Then stop motion video of us sailing and surfing said objects…

  2. Nicole says:

    Great video – and mirror:) Just tweeted this post:)

  3. Nicole says:

    Love the mirror and video!

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