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Woodworkers Tale – The Hemloft

[photo via: flickr // runthesundown]

My buddy, John, turned me onto to this great website and 10-part story about Joel Allen, once a software designer and failed 26-year old retiree who devoted himself to carpentry, for the hell of it, essentially. The dude’s story is pretty phenomenal. He landed some big home construction jobs with a portfolio consisting of a storage shed he built in a week on his parents property. After work every night, he pursued a vision of building a damn spectacular hidden tree house in the woods outside of Whistler. No permits, no land acquisition, no shop. Just dedication, skill and some eccentric characters along the way. I’ll let Joel tell the story.

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Shop Dog

We all know canines are man’s best friend, but do they make good employees? Handfuls of shops I’ve visited have 4-legged folk running around, so I thought I’d give it a go and bring my pup, Oso, into the mix.

He’s not great at sweeping. By the time he finishes barking and attacking the broom he typically passes out into the dust pile.

Here he is gluing up a desktop. He’ll spend the rest of the afternoon gnawing at the glue in his fur, which is better than chewing the workpiece, I guess.

At the end of the day, he typically takes credit for our projects, demanding a BoneUs [boom!], or a big stick and long hike also suffice.

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