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Community for Waves – A Woodworking Workshop in Coastal Peru


Almost a year ago to the day, Dave Aabos, executive director of Waves for Development, showed up at my doorstep to pick up a couple of my handplanes (for bodysurfing) to take down to Lobitos, Peru, where he’s devoted his efforts to develop sustainable surf travel. As I passed them off, he joked that next year I’ll be down there teaching the community how to build their own. I chuckled passively and wished him luck down there, thinking little of it.


Now my girlfriend, Staj, and I are preparing to leave for Peru at the end of the month where we’ll spend two weeks working with the locals and teaching workshops; just as Dave had predicted.¬†But, we can’t do it alone, so we’re calling upon our tribe to help us out with this project. We’ve created a Kickstarter to raise $4,000 and we’re over halfway there, but this final push is what matters most. In return we have some awesome rewards for your contribution, including your very own handplane for $165. Anything helps, so please consider helping us share our passion for woodworking and creating a social¬†entrepreneurial¬†opportunity for Lobitos.

Find all the details and a video on our Kickstarter here.

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