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Walnut Wrap Table

My buddy, John, approached me about building a table to house his record player and vinyl collection. I agreed on the terms that he teach me to shape a surfboard (more on that to come.) John pretty much relinquished control over the design to me on the basic grounds of “make it look cool.”

The recycle bin filled pretty high with graph paper before I sketched up the concept for something totally out of the ordinary. I settled on incorporating live-edge early on, I just didn’t know how exactly. Then it clicked.

Working with live-edge presents it’s own difficulties with clamping, squaring, etc. Toss in some mitres and the mix gets that much more fun. Getting the edge to match through the tables entirety was no easy feat and I spent many a minute sitting on my stool and scratching my noggin to avoid any miscuts on the saw. After all, one wrong cut and the whole piece is thrown off.

Here’s what the table were to look like if you stretched it back out:

The clamping process was no joke either.

Doesn’t exactly look sturdy from the looks of it, no? I wouldn’t let myself fall asleep one night until I developed a way to make the table structurally sound without taking away from the freestanding look of the piece. I stared at the ceiling thinking about how miserable work was going to be the next day having not gone to sleep when it hit me. Why not throw some more mitres into the mix?

This simple design can withstand all 175 lbs. of my non-steroidal muscle.

I’m so stoked on this design that I intend to make it my first production piece of furniture. Contact me if you’re interested!


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Live-edge Walnut Bed

This is what had been on my mind up until about three weeks ago.

  • Kickstarting my live-edge furniture career.
  • Sourcing my lumber more locally. Oregon woodworkers should use Oregon lumber.
  • I graduated college three years ago; I should no longer be sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor.

The bed above accomplished all three of these things and then some.

I will never be able to build this bed again. Why? Each piece of live-edge furniture can never be recreated.  It’s beauty is achieved by incorporating wood’s natural edges into the work which can’t be mimicked by man and his fancy tools. A woodworkers, we can only forego the typical dimensioning of lumber, instead incorporating natural edges into a work. This style, brought to popularity by George Nakashima, adds a more lively aura than any squared up and symmetrical piece. What’s truly enjoyable as a carpenter is observing every piece of lumber and letting it decide where it fits into the furniture.


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ZebraNut Nightstand

My girlfriend claims she has “table envy.” There’s an old carpenter’s curse of spending a lifetime building one-of-a-kind furniture but living in a home filled with Ikea-esque crap. I’ve been trying to strike a balance of sneaking a couple personal projects in here and there and this nightstand is one of them. Using a handful of Zebrawood and Walnut scraps from past projects, I combined the two based on their similar colors and tones. While there’s little nuisances (and there always will be) I’m very happy with the finished project and stoked that the lamp sitting on top and the book stashed in the drawer will be mine. At least Staj will get to look at it whenever she wants. 

I lucked out in this amazing piece of walnut with a lighter shade mixed in. It added even more continuity between the two different woods. 

I got a little carried away and ran a box joint on the legs, which then carried over into the rails. I found it a unique opportunity to really pair the woods together.

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