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New Houzz Post // Seven Crucial Measuring Tools

Got a new post up on Houzz. It’s the first of an ongoing series of essential tools for the home woodshop. I kicked it off with, in my opinion, the tools that are most influential to the success of any project: measuring instruments. Hope you like it as much as I love my combination square…

///There’s also a bitchin’ discussion going down in the comments section about women and woodworking so be sure to check it out. Future post material? I think so…

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Spreading the Wealth

I may be young and have a lot to learn in the realm of woodworking, but that doesn’t mean I don’t already have much to share. Recently, Houzz.com asked me to contribute to their site in the form of DIYs and tool profiles for developing woodworkers. I’m elated by the opportunity to further combine my degree in journalism and my real world development as a carpenter.

Direct your mouse here to check out my first installment.

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