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Community for Waves – A Woodworking Workshop in Coastal Peru


Almost a year ago to the day, Dave Aabos, executive director of Waves for Development, showed up at my doorstep to pick up a couple of my handplanes (for bodysurfing) to take down to Lobitos, Peru, where he’s devoted his efforts to develop sustainable surf travel. As I passed them off, he joked that next year I’ll be down there teaching the community how to build their own. I chuckled passively and wished him luck down there, thinking little of it.


Now my girlfriend, Staj, and I are preparing to leave for Peru at the end of the month where we’ll spend two weeks working with the locals and teaching workshops; just as Dave had predicted.¬†But, we can’t do it alone, so we’re calling upon our tribe to help us out with this project. We’ve created a Kickstarter to raise $4,000 and we’re over halfway there, but this final push is what matters most. In return we have some awesome rewards for your contribution, including your very own handplane for $165. Anything helps, so please consider helping us share our passion for woodworking and creating a social¬†entrepreneurial¬†opportunity for Lobitos.

Find all the details and a video on our Kickstarter here.

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PA - Waves Pic Group

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Dirtbag Deluxe #two

Got the opportunity to outfit another Toyota Tacoma with a Dirtbag Deluxe. Teresa Bruffey, a dirtbaggin’ climber from Seattle and fellow friend of semi-rad mastermind, Brendan Leonard, came to me with dreams of camping in relative luxury and we got to work.

First things first, I had Teresa fill out some dimensions for me. Measuring pickup beds is tedious and tricky, but she nailed it, preventing me from miscuts during the prep stage.

With the measurements comes design time. Teresa is the kind of client you hope for, because she had a good idea of what she wanted in her head, voiced it concisely and then let me take it and run. Even better, is the design she had in mind was a great setup. A guide friend of hers had shown her a setup with an adjustable sleeping platform that allows a solo camper more headroom for comfort, but should the event occur that sleeping space is needed for two, the platform adjusts to sit flush with the higher platform. A great use of space.

Bouncing ideas off one another, I strongly suggested she opt for a flip-up access door above the main drawer. This allows access to items in the drawer from within the canopy, without having to get out, open the gate and pull out the drawer. Very convenient in inclement weather. I incorporated the same idea in the first DBD-lux, but this time I upgraded the accessibility with a piano hinge, so it’s more of a door than a pull out panel.

With only a one minor bump in the road and two wild dogs on the loose, I was able to get the Dirtbag Deluxe installed in one day, which was important since Teresa traveled down from Seattle and had work the following day. Perhaps down the road, I’ll be able to outfit customers on the road…

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